Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Rhino poaching still picking up with 309 dead rhinos this year

Jessica du Preez
12 October 2011

A Mozambican man and a South African man were accused of killing and dehorning a female rhino on a private game reserve have appeared in front of a Limpopo court judge. Patrick Ndlovu, 21, and Inase Mkhabela, 32, were two of four suspects that were chanced when spotted sawing off her horn of a female rhino in Hoedspruit for the illegal rhino horn trade. They were also charged for the ownership of an unlicensed firearm.

On Friday morning at 9 am game rangers heard shots fired and went to investigate the noise. When the four men were apprehended they took off on foot. The game rangers took chase and caught two of the men. The men had a Hunting rifle, two projectiles, an axe and the fresh rhino horn. The two men were then arrested and held in a Limpopo police department.

 A total of 309 according to the department of environmental affairs rhinos have been killed and dehorned in 2011 thus far. In 2009 a total of 333 rhinos were killed and on average, a total of 2 rhinos are killed in South Africa every day.

Some game rangers say “If the government would just legalize the trading of rhino horn then there would be fewer deaths in both humans and rhinos”. Rhino horn traders could be shown how to safely remove the horns from the rhinos, thus keeping the rhinos alive in the process.
As a citizen you should be doing your part to stop this horrific onslaught that is happening every day. To do your part, go to


Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Shame brought on by ANC
ANC brings embarrassment upon the Dalai Lama and Shame upon South Africa

Jessica du Preez
5th October 2011

Archbishop Emeritus Desmund Tutu tore into the ANC after the Dalai Lama was denied access into the country. The Dalai Lama was meant to attend his friend, the Archbishop Desmund Tutu’s 80th Birthday celebrations this weekend but will but be able to attend due to the fact that he has been denied access into South Africa. Other celebrities that  will be attending the birthday celebrations are Irish rocker Bono, former US president Jimmy Carter and ex-UN secretary-general Kofi Annan.

Rumors are that access has been denied due to prior relations with china not ending well but all allegations have been denied.  On the 4th October 2011 Deputy Principal Kgalema Motlanle stated that the Dalai Lama would have received entrance into the country had he not canceled his application on the 3rd October 2011.

“These disagreements could have been handles better” says Archbishop Desmund Tutu. South Africa has brought shame upon one of the most well known spiritual leaders in the world. There is confusion over why the Dalai Lama has been refused entry into South Africa due to the fact that is will not be the first time in the country. Premier Helen Zille asked: “He’s the spiritual leader to millions around the world, he’s a Nobel laureate, he has been to countless countries around the world without repercussions from China. What’s the problem?”

Tutu’s wild outburst was a shock for many fans and followers after Tutu announced that he would pray for the down fall of the ANC. The ANC has brought great shame and embarrassment on its citizens and does not at all represent its people but only represents its own interests and beliefs.

Monday, 3 October 2011

Tanisha Bhana has made an impressive name for herself so early in her career
Jessica du Preez
4 October 2011


Tanisha bhana is a new artist on the scene in Johannesburg South Africa. Tanisha ‘s art its mostly influenced by her experience in the legal profession and her experiences whist travelling around the world. Tanisha Bhana is an artist who is making a good name for herself from the start of her career, as she has won the Juried Lovell Gallery Competition in May 2011. Many of Tanisha’s  art is inspired by historical myths and beliefs
“Good art is hard to come by  these days, art has become so modern and has lost its capability to express the emotion and feeling that the artists are trying to convey in their painting and drawings “says Samantha Moon, a graphic design graduate from the Vega design school and an artist too trying to make a name for herself in today’s art community
A person unfamiliar with the art world would not think that the artwork put together by this great aspiring artist was by one person, The portfolio of  Mrs Bhana is so diverse in terms of ideas and different techniques when  looking at the different art work. Most of her artworks come from completely different trains of thought, from one artwork being a portrait on a man whose skin has been replaced with photos of what looks to be a bird eye view in the Johannesburg central business district to an oil painting of a landscape with vivid colour usage, a thunderstorm taking place in the background, a noose hanging in the centre and a baobab tree on the left.
Tanisha has captures her feelings in her artwork without making the canvas too busy. Moods and feelings are set in the painting by the different brush strokes used, the colours and the styles of painting  chosen.

Source :

When Ethan Norris, a student from Monas High school was asked why art is so important and how art has changed in the last ten years his responses were” Art is extremely important in today’s society as it gives us different perspectives of what art really is. “There are no restrictions regarding art nowadays, therefore less is more and simplicity is the key to modern art. Although realistic artwork and the classical and impressionistic styles are still used, they have evolved in such a way over the past ten years that they are not as prominent as the modern/ abstract art, It has also had a great influence on our architecture and many other artistic designs”.

Source :
Although Tanisha Bhana is bound to give a few artists a lesson or two in creativity, she does have some tough competition whilst on her way to the top of her career.
Tanisha’s art pieces can be seen on

Samantha Moon – Vega design school graduate and aspiring artist.
Ethan Norris - scholar and art student at Monas High school
Kirsty ann Welch - student at AAA design school

Thursday, 15 September 2011

       Helping Hooves Help The Disabled
Horses give back the courage, Inspiration and Ability to mentally and physically disabled through equine therapy
Jessica du Preez
17th September 2011

RDA or riding for the disabled has become a growing phenomenon in 2011. The  interaction between horse and their rider has unique and proven therapeutic benefits. Many organisations have formed in order to help the mentally and physically disabled.
SARDA or South African riding for the disabled situated across from the Monash university campus on Peter road accommodates many riders daily who are not able to do activities or sports safely by themselves. The lives of thousands of disabled children’s have been changed by focussing on their ability to relate to the horse.
A person with a disability can be seen as someone who is imperfect, Helpless being unable to help themselves with regards to walking.,  Communication and social skills such as ash burgers syndrome. Riding horses help the disabled strengthen their condition, improve their lives and realise their dreams. It also allows one to interact with disabled people like themselves.
The interaction between rider and horse is very important because trust between the horse and rider has to be built back.  Depending on the severity of the disability depends of the type or level of riding that will be achieved by the rider.
Rider and horse are taken through a series of activities such as learning basic motor skills like how to catch and throw a ball while on horseback. Kids are encouraged to work  in groups which not only builds up the relationship with the horse but also with the people around them.
Children that are severely disables whether it be mentally or physically are put onto horses without being in a saddle, this promotes the children’s  muscles to work differently than they would while being in a wheel chair.
The horses that are used at the riding for the disabled facilities are not just any old horse but are sort after and are chosen for their temperament and for their conformation. Only horses that pass the requirements are taken in for the program. Occasionally horses that have been abused and are in need of loving homes are taken in.
Riding  gives disabled people  Hope, Courage, Inspiration and the ability. The horse has been a long standing partner of people with disabilities.  Organisations such as SARDA or the South African riding for the disabled association( ), Angels with hooves( ), neigh-bours( ) all help with the rehabilitation of the disabled.
Source: Angels with hooves website.

Source: Angels wiith hooves website.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Monash’s bold fashion statements for the 2011 spring collection.
The students of the Monash South Africa campus have set the trend for the upcoming spring season, all are getting in the spirit by dressing in colourful clothing and accessories
Jessica du Preez
14 September 2011-09-13

The 2011  fashion collection has gone from super thick  scarf’s in the beginning of the year  to super short skirts towards the end. This spring was started off with 29 C’ temperatures and clear skies. The colour of clothing at the South African campus of Monash University has taken a great turn, many of the students have welcomed spring with open arms,  colourful clothes and unique accessories.
The Satchel which is an over the shoulder side bag was favoured as the new have to have accessory for the 2011 spring fashion collection. The satchel can be used when contributing to the intense night life at Monash South Africa and can also be used for those long day lectures and classes.
Students can be seen wearing fkowers attached to alice bands, necklaces, bracelets and hats.
Monash South Africa has such a varied array of cultures which brings in many styles of dressing. From Flip Flops to sneakers, Boob tubes to spaghetti strap tops to T’s  all are  seen as fashion statements in their given cultures.  Monash students can be seen strutting their stuff on and around campus.